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We have been sanding, refinishing and installing hardwood floors for gymnasiums & stages for grade schools, middle schools, high schools and boys and girls clubs throughout the midwest for over 35 years.  We have many references available upon request. 

Sports Floors New Install or Refinish

We will bring your floor back to new, tear out and re-install, or install new. We do the whole project from start to finish. There is nothing that we can’t do. We stain 3 points, paint all lines, logos, and lettering. And will help you choose products that will be best for your floor.

Sports Floors Recoat

We have a very effective 4 step process to clean and recoat any gym floor. We start out by first cleaning the whole floor with Basic Coatings Intensive Floor treatment to remove any oils, sweat, spit, blood, dirt and grim from the surface. Next we screen your whole floor with 120 grit screens, this will clear off anything that has been worked into the coats of finish, such as scuffs and shoe marks, it also lightly scratches the whole floor for the next coat. Next we clean the whole floor again with Basic Coatings Squeaky cleaner. This will clean up all the dust from the screens. The final step before finishing is to then wet screen the whole floor again with our boost machine. This will help to ensure the whole floor is properly abraded and clean your floor for the final time. Ensuring it is clean and ready for 2 fresh coats of finish.


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