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Residential Customers:

With over 35 years of installing, sanding, staining and finishing residential floors, we are here to get you the wood floor of your dreams. We can help you with any wood flooring project, new install, add-ons, tear outs, replacements due to damage, repairs, sand & re-coat, and we also install medallions.

Commercial Customers:

We can bid any Hardwood flooring for any project like Stages, restaurants,  sports floors, classrooms, or new residential builds.  We do, sand & re-coats, repairs, new installs, tear outs.

Types of Flooring We Install

Cumaru tends to be a medium to dark dark brown with a reddish hue. It’s a very hard and water resistant wood. 

Brazilian cherry is an exotic Hardwood that grows in the rainforest. It is twice as strong as oak and is very water resistant and will not grow and shrink much. This wood has a Deep reddish-brown color with dark grain streaks. 


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